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Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Attorney-Client Confidentiality

            The concept of attorney-client confidentiality is the relationship, to include communication, trust, and confidentiality, between and attorney and his client. Its role to the criminal justice system is very important, since it further protects an individual's rights. This allows an attorney to effectively represent his client and bring about his defense.
            Whenever an attorney represents their client with the concept of confidentiality, they are building up trust between the two and avoids any misrepresentation of the client. Of course, this allows the attorney to represent his client to the best of their ability. Specially since if the client begins hiding and distorting facts, then the defense may not have a great outcome.
            The confidentiality concept does not always work in favor of the client. In fact, if a client intends to commit a future crime, then his or her attorney is obligated to disclose any information to prevent future harm. An attorney must be able to distinguish between a client's idle threats and serious intentions.
            A huge concern, amongst citizens and the criminal justice community, is the fact that if a suspect was to disclose honest information about crimes, then by under obligation the attorney is obligated to hold his words and remain silent. This means that attorneys may as well be defending criminals. Other cases may also appear that raise the question of whether or not an attorney should reveal confidential information about his client to the court.
            The concerns continue to occur through out communities. Both sides have more than enough evidence to support them. However, we will embrace the attorney-client confidentiality as long as it it continues to exist. The status of this concept is too important to be abolished.


Meyer, J. F., & Grant, D. R. (2003). The courts in our criminal justice system. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Due Process and Legal Defenses

Due Process and Legal Defenses

                        It is clearly written in the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Yet, an individual may be a criminal if their act falls under the three important elements of a crime. However, if the individual wanted , he or she can claim a legal defense to protect themselves.
            We must acknowledge that there is no formal definition of what the term due process means. However, this does not mean that there is not a limit as to what the concept of due process may stand for. Over the past decades, there have been significant legal developments in the area of due process and individual rights.
            The concept of due process ensures that individuals are treated fairly and received the proper protection from the government. Due process’ importance is unmatched, especially since the law and court’s legitimacy are based on the public’s perception of due process.
            In order for a crime to be a crime, the act requires three important elements.  These elements are actus reus, mens rea, and concordance between the two. Actus reus means the act must be a “guilty” act or omission. While the word mens rea means a “guilty” state of mind.
            There are a total of ten general legal defenses that defendants may use in court to excuse their behavior. Three of these defenses are infancy, intoxication, and insanity. The defendant can plead infancy is he or she is too young to form a guilty state of mind. The defendant can plead intoxication if he or she was intoxicated at the time of the crime and failed to rationally form mens rea, or a “guilty” state of mind. Last but not least, a defendant can claim insanity if his or her insanity did not allow him or her to rationally form mens rea.


Meyer, J. F., & Grant, D. R. (2003). The courts in our criminal justice system. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Prosecution Versus Defense Paper

Prosecution Versus Defense Paper

            There are many differences between a defense counsel and a prosecutor. A prosecutor has many influencing powers under the prosecutorial discretion, while the defense counsel have to represent an accused's rights. The interactions between the defense counsel and the prosecution exist characterized by conflict. However, this does not exclude the chance of working together to create a settlement between the two.
            A defense counsel is critical for those who are accused of crimes for the practice of an individual's constitutional rights. These defense attorneys have a critical role in the implementation and interpretation of the accused's rights. Defense attorneys must attempt to reconcile claims on their time, attention, and loyalty. Some of their actions may also cause problems, especially when his advocacy on behalf of a client may conflict with the expectations, that citizens perceive, of being an officer of the courtroom. (Meyer & Grant, 2003)
            Under the prosecutorial discretion, the prosecutor has the flexibility to choose among other possible courses of action. This means that he also gets the chance to decide on what to do in a particular case. The prosecutor can also decide whether to file charges, the number of charges, and what specific charges. Another key discretion that the prosecutor has is the ability to make an offer to the defense as a plea bargain or ask the court to dismiss the charges. (Meyer & Grant, 2003)
            Even though the defendant is not required to present any defense, the prosecution has the legal burden of proving the accused's guilt. The prosecutorial discretion may also influence the flow of cases in the court system, since they operate with comparatively few legal constraints on their decisions. In fact, over the past years, judge's discretion in sentencing was drastically reduced since the advent of mandatory sentencing rules. (Meyer & Grant, 2003)
            Prosecutorial discretion is necessary to tailor the legal response for the case. Prosecutors must also determine which statutes are applicable based on the facts of any case. The defense counsel, on the other hand, represent individuals who are facing criminal law charges. There job does not require them to determine an individual's guilt, that is up to the judge and the jury. (Meyer & Grant, 2003)


Meyer, J. F., & Grant, D. R. (2003). The courts in our criminal justice system. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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Promo Code | Best Streetwear Shop Hiphop Wear

Introduction to Promo Codes, Best Streetwear, and Hip Hop Wear

Want to learn more about your favorite fashion behind famous hiphop icons? Or perhaps you want to find the best streetwear shops. Great! You have come to the right place. Below I have compiled an informative article on an introduction to hiphop wear, top street wear, urban clothing stores, and best of all on the options you have as a consumer.

Best Streetwear

The competition in streetwear brands and hiphop wear never ceases to exist. This provides an excellent opportunity to shop at very low prices and obtain the top street wear. Some of the best streetwear shops include,,, and It is not hard to miss out on why promo codes are so important to some of these stores. The advantages to the consumer are simply ridiculous!

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Streetwear Trends

Over the past few years, there have been dozens of noticeable streetwear trends that gather the attention of any urban clothing fanatic.

Camouflage Print: Originally designed for the military, camouflage print made its way to the fashion side through the promotion of hiphop icons. In fact, these camouflage print designs can be seen in a variety of products ranging from; sneakers, hats, blazers, to even ties.

Snapback Hats: After about twenty years, the snapback hat decided to make a combat back on the mainstream fashion. In fact, this has forced some hat companies like Mitchell and Ness to begin manufacturing and selling snapback hats, due to the hardcore streetwear trend. Other have formed great duos. For example, recently A Bathing Ape and Starter collaborated together on a snapback for the summer 2013.

Shop Hiphop Wear

As you may know, streetwear clothing and hiphop wear has not always been known as trendy. In fact, often people are quick to discriminate against those who shop at urban clothing stores and shop hiphop wear. Hiphop wear has obtained dramatic changes over the paste 30 years.

One can easily remember the length of time baggy clothes where considered the best streetwear. Times have definitely changed - it is not longer required to wear baggy. Fashion revolves around highly publicized streetwear fashion and hiphop wear.

Promo Code

Promo codes have earned a lot of value since ecommerce has begun to dominate the best streetwear sales. Promo Codes and Rep Codes can be used as a primary example of how small businesses have turned into large ones. For example, Karmaloop begun as a very small online site, now they dominate the streetwear fashion. They have used their affiliate program like no other, and now it allows anyone to make money of their sales. If you have never used a promo code, I would encourage you read my other article for the month promo code and include my rep code for an additional 1%-30% off purchase sale.

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April 2013 Plndr Promo Codes

April 2013 PLNDR Promo Codes!

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Dress it Down

Dress it Down

The Gucci Interlocking Collection Watch features a black PVD case with a black sun-brushed dial and black leather strap.

Rosary necklace
Differing itself from the religious cross, the Leather Rosary Necklace takes the iconic symbol and makes it into a regular daily accessory for those whom do not share the faith. Contemporizing the cross by wrapping it in white/ cream leather, the once neutral article transforms itself into a texturized and durable good for styling.

Denham 2011 Fall/Winter "500% Selvedge" Jeans | Hypebeast
Dutch label Denham presents this inventive edition of the OTAKU 5 pocket jean, which has been redesigned to incorporate 5 separate grades of selvedge into one pair of jeans. Included in the mix are Japanese red indigo selvedge, Italian yellow bamboo selvedge, green organic cotton selvedge, Italian red indigo selvedge, and Japanese deep-tone selvedge all ranging from 12.5oz to 14oz weights. This version of the classic fit is unique to say the least, and was aptly named “500% Selvedge.” This pair fully embraces the label’s motto – “the truth is in the details”

SUPRA Falcon
The latest creation from the creative minds at SUPRA sees the blending of contemporary fashion with the footwear label’s definitive presence. Offered in either black or caramel, the first half the the sneaker remains rather unassuming, but as you set your eyes on the latter half of the sneaker, one quickly realizes that this is no ordinary shoe. Straying from conventional design, padding is enveloped all throughout, from the large ecliptic heel overlay panel, down to the heightened side collars. Made from premium full-grain vegetable-dyed leather and lined with microsuede, the entire upper rests upon a familiar vulcanized sole with double-layered foxing. Pricing for the Falcon is still unavailable, but it is expected to be released sometime next month on the SUPRA online store.

Us Versus Them Grey Clear Path Snapback Ballcap
Created from the desire to celebrate the power and talent of the individual, Us Versus Them specializes in classic, utilitarian streetwear pieces infused with often rebellious and independent attitudes towards culture. The Clear Path Snapback Ballcap is a 90% acrylic, 10% wool snapback hat with “clear path” patch and plastic snap closure. Available now in grey.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stacks on Stacks

Stacks on Stacks

Vince Camuto black watch
The Black Bracelet Watch is set with 156 jet Swarovski crystals and black plated stainless steel finish. The 2-step dial features roman numerals, and three sub dials with day, date and hour functions, featuring 54 more jet crystals.

Embroidered hat
Play Cloths
The Amulet New Era Snapback Hat in Black

Billionaire Boys Club Tokyo "Pharrell Meet & Greet" T-Shirt |...
Pharrell Williams and the Billionaire Boys Club team will be heading to Tokyo at the end of the month for the opening party of the capital’s branch of BBC.

CASH CA x NEIGHBORHOOD Indigo Jeans | Hypebeast
Furthering the infusion of Japanese sensibilities and craftsmanship into its product offerings, CASH CArecently partnered with seminal streetwear label NEIGHBORHOOD for a new take on the basic 5-pocket jean. In a relatively lightweight 12.5oz Japanese selvedge indigo denim, each pair offers a straight-cut, relaxed fit, while orange and yellow contrast stitching offers up subtle visual detailing.

Undefeated | Hypebeast Store
Inspired by people in the street fashion industry, sports and military culture, Undefeated was created by the store’s co-founders Eddie Cruz and James Bond as an in-house line offering apparel, accessories and collaborative footwear.

Supra | Hypebeast
SUPRA drops a new “Kidskin” pack for Holiday 2011, comprised of its classic Skytop and newer Skytop III. Each model sports a Kidskin/Orange-White colorway, with black outsoles, a tan upper, and orange accenting. An adequate release for the holiday palette, this latest drop finds the brand exploring a bit with premium leathers and getting even more adventurous when it comes to color combos.

Raf Simons Black Skull Keychain | Hypebeast
As part of the brand’s continued push to conquer various aspects of menswear, Raf Simons sets their focus on accessories with the Black Skull Keychain. Displayed as part of their “Run Fall Run” collection, the piece harnesses a focused energy with playful, yet cryptic undertones thanks to the skull and prominent monochrome colorway.

Onkyo ES-HF300 Headphones
Japanese consumer electronics maker Onkyo, despite its long history of producing premium audio equipment, prepares to launch its first ever line of headphones this spring. First up is the flagship ES-HF300 headphones which feature 40mm wide-range titanium drivers, dual bass chambers, an aluminum driver housing, and long detachable copper cables wrapped in elastomer to prevent friction noise. All that impressive audio tech is housed in a clean, modern design that features a “floating” ear can design.