Thursday, March 14, 2013

Plndr Promo Codes


What is

PLNDR is an exclusive members-only streetwear boutique that offers discounts of up to 80%. Additionally, you may be able to increase savings via coupon codes, rep codes and promo codes. Not only are you already receiving huge discounts if you are shopping without any codes, but adding coupons also makes this a great idea in case you are shopping to re-sell, gift, or buy name brand clothing.
The greatness about Plndr is that you can also combine these same great savings at Karmaloop. Karmaloop is the mother site of Plndr. While the savings here are not as large as Plndr’s exclusive list, they still hold much potential specially if shopping during holidays and other random saving days or combining with other coupons.

How do I shop at Plndr?

  1. Add all items to your cart and then select “Check Out”
  2. Make sure to review all items and select “Proceed to Check Out”
  3. Next you will login, either through existing account or by creating new account.
  4. You will then have the option to either pay with Paypal or Credit Card.
  5. Next is the important part, make sure to add a promo code (use this month’s) and a rep code (RECLIP).
Finally, review your massive savings and check out!

For Immediate Discounts

Shop through this link
and select
and choose your
PROMO CODE: (Code of the Month)
to receive additional 1%-31% savings!

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